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Photoshop Business Card

Creating Your Art Business Card (ABC) in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

What?s the best way to learn? AH! By Doing! By Creating! By having a good time! Well, if you are interested in finding out what a great tool Photoshop or Photoshop Elements can be to your doll making and art creating (specially great for collage/mixed media/scrapbooking) its time to learn! Time to create your unique business/calling card. In this class you will get exact directions to design, ?perfect? and print a business card that promotes your art professionally and your image beautifully. We guarantee NO computer gobbledygook, just simple art talk

This is a two session class and we will delve just lightly into the basic ins and outs of our program. You will want to make some time to just mess around, because practice is the key to ?getting it into your fingers? and once its in your fingers (and brain) you will fly through the creative door!

First Session:

  • The Big Ten (Li?s questions to ask yourself before creating a great design.)
  • Sketching out your card
  • Setting up a template
  • Importing artwork/sizing etc
  • Basic selection skills
  • Basic color correction
  • Layering and backgrounds
  • Handout explaining the process so you can do it again (and again and again) and our ?Design Idea? sheet. You will also receive links to all kinds of cool Photoshop Stuff sites.

    Second Session:

  • Working with type
  • Preparing your card to send to the printer for a trouble free production
  • Review and Question/Answer
  • Prepress Checklist and How-to handout
  • Your cards can be sent to an online printer, or a printer in your home town. I will be happy to help with the online printer and have a great one.

    I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

    *You must have a computer with Photoshop or Elements loaded for this class. We do not supply computers or programs but will be happy to advise you on getting both! Also, If you use Elements, I can translate it for printing for you or you can have a friend who has the full version do that.

    Example of the cost of printing cards including shipping in the USA (Online Printer)
    250 Full Color Cards, Glossy UV Coating $35.00
    500 Full Color Cards, Glossy UV Coating $45.00