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Niamh Class

NIAMH is a beautiful 22" Rubinesque fairy who lives somewhere in the forest near the Dead Sea. She has been sighted in mud baths when nobody is supposedly looking. During the heat of the day, she sleeps lazily among the date palms and lush green oasis of the fertile desert. She?s getting kind of lonely and would like you to get creative and make some more fairies for her to spend her days with!

This is a highly detailed instructional class in doll making with tons of step-by-step photos and detailed instructions, illustrations, and photos. If you?ve got the creative bug but feeling a little nervous, don?t be. This course is the product and culmination of at least a hundred and fifty hours of creating, photographing, writing, and editing. It was done with you in mind!

NIAMH is not too difficult for beginners, but not too easy for experienced doll makers, either. Its focus is on mixed media sculpture, and full of exciting techniques that are meant to challenge you and put new techniques under your belt for all the beautiful dolls you?ll be making in the future. It?s sure to inspire. This class is loaded with techniques and fun. Students get access to a classroom forum to get all questions answered! I hope you will join us! Happy day and happy dolling! . Class is ongoing, self-paced, ask questions when needed

The Class includes Three advanced techniques:

  • 1)"Skins"- Adding an outer glove-like layer to modify a doll?s body and truly sculpt it as you wish
  • 2) Cloth - Over- Clay: Sculpting a face with air-dry clay, and covering it with fabric
  • 3) Building a proper wire armature
  • The pattern has an anatomically proportional figure with ?skins.?

    The doll?s wings are made from Translucent Liquid Sculpey and organza shirred by hand.

    The face uses the cloth-over-clay method and has glass eyes. .

    The face is colored and detailed with glittery Pearl-Ex powder and pigment paint. Give your doll some extra sparkle and pizzazz! .

    Designer: Doll Makers Muse ? Rivkah Mizrahi
    File size: 8 MB
    Document size: 8.5 x 11
    Level: Beginner
    Sale info: One doll may be sold, you may make as many as you like as gifts. Designer credit to be given on tag