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Designed by Barbara Schoenoff
Donoma is a Woman of Potential standing 24? tall. She is a soft sculpture doll with fiber, bead, and other natural element embellishments. Her body is created from curving cuts of fabric pieced together. She may become a journey of spiritual discovery for you as you select her fabrics, fibers and embellishments and adorn your Woman. My original Woman started my doll making in a new direction and her soft subtle colors called forth her name - Donoma ? which is Osage for Dawn or Days Beginning.

An intermediate skill level in sewing would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Most important is bringing a desire to make a doll and explore.

Techniques include pattern piecing, articulating fingers, fabric creation, face and body embellishment, beading.

The class will flow as follows:
Lesson One

  • Supply list and selection of materials
  • Discussion of sewing terms
  • Basic techniques
  • Making the fabric and cutting out the body

  • Lesson two
  • Fiber embellishment of the doll body pieces
  • Putting the body together
  • Making the head and arms
  • Stuffing

  • Lesson Three
  • Beading
  • Hair and sleeves
  • Other embellishments
  • Finishing
  • There are lots of photos of the construction and easily followed step-by-step instructions ? and of course, a classroom where you can discuss and share your progress.

    So join in and have some fun and let Barbara guide you through this enjoyable journey.

    Class begins October 25, 2013