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Celeste - cage doll class

Celeste-Cage doll

with Angela Jarecki

For years I have been fascinated with Santos figures/cage dolls. I have often wanted to make one, but every time I would plan one out, I could never get past their simplicity, which intrigued me, yet stumped me! I love making dolls with intricate clothing and multiple layers and so my style of doll and a Santos just seemed destined to never meet.

Celeste is my first step towards a merging of the two. She is a paper clay doll with simple jointing in her arms and hands that allow them to be gently posed. She is a torso with a cage for a body.

I thought she would make a lovely addition for a Christmas Doll, as you can embellish and adorn her in such a way that she would make a great centerpiece for your holiday d?cor.

In class, I will show you how to construct her body and attach it to a cage of your choice. We will sculpt her head and hands, trying to stay close (just a little) to the features of a Santos.

But we will also dress and adorn our dolls! Hey, we are doll makers, so we have to go that extra mile!!! The class has lots of photos and written instructions, and I found her a delight to make! I really enjoyed making this doll, and I hope you will too.
As always, this class would be suited for intermediate to advanced, but if you are daring soul and are new to doll making, I would be more than glad to help you start your creative journey!


For Intermediate?but beginners are welcomed!

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