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?Boris? Class

? Judith Prior 2006 Australia all rights reserved.

16? Tall Sculptured Cloth Dragon
Intermediate Skill Level.

The class includes easy to follow written instructions in five lessons, as well as over eighty color pictures, showing you in easy to follow simple visual steps, how you too can make your very own ?Boris?

Techniques you will learn in this class include, working with lined fabrics, for better control of curves, and shaping of the finished work. Inserting Gussets with easy to follow pictures. Using safety eyes. Simple application.

Easy method of inserting Wire Armature, in body, neck and wings. Secure and simple way to attach wings. Use of beaded fringe and braid for an easy to achieve a rich beaded finish. Ample opportunity for extra beading and embellishment to add you own individual touches. Easy sculpting method to give the hands, feet and claws a real three dimensional life like effect. Constructing an open mouth with teeth and tongue, for that real dragon attitude!

Lots of close up pictures to help you make your very own ?Boris?. A cloth sculpture you will be so proud of?

I look forward to working with you.
Judith Prior.

Class starts April 3rd, 2009
Boris - made by Lee Broom