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Baba Yaga: Witch~Hag~Crone

"BABA YAGA~Witch~Hag~Crone

Designed by Arley Berryhill
?BABA YAGA~witch, hag, crone is an all cloth doll pattern.
The doll stands about 17" tall. This is a "stump" doll with no legs, and has a wire armature inside.
She is glue to a wood base to stand upright.
Baba Yaga has a hump back and large nose.
She can be made into "evil hag witch", "friendly old lady" or "grumpy old woman" character.
Insturctions include how to make doll and all costume pieces.
PLUS....instructions on how to needle-sculpt and color the face, make a wig, her staff and many accessories.
Recommended fabric for face and hands: deer suede or craft velour.
This pattern requires an intermediate to Advanced Skill level in doll making. (lots of needle-sculpting).
Artist: Arley Berryhill
Included are in depth instructions with illustrations that Arley provides with patterns to make the doll. Wonderful instructions from a master costume designer!

Please give credit to the designer on all creations~no mass producing for sale, up to 6 can be made.

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