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Angela?s Kitchen Sink class

Angela Jarecki teaches Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Everything...but the KITCHEN SINK!

Do you ever feel uncreative? Do you have a hard time finishing things? Do you find it easier to think about projects you?d like to do, as opposed to actually doing them? Do you want to create your own designs, but are a bit uncertain how to proceed?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions .... Then this class may be for you!

In this class you will not be making a particular doll, but through a series of different, fun exercises, that will stretch your creative muscle, you will make 3 dolls: one from a pattern that I will provide (that you will put together however you please!!!!), plus two others that I will explain that later. They?re a surprise!

I?ll share ways to bridge what I call the "creativity gap", that place in any project where you suddenly lose interest in something you were passionate about only 20 minutes earlier, or you just become so overwhelmed with the fear of messing up, that you just stop!

Armed with a insightful questions, a little introspection and several "mini-exercises" that incorporate design and color theory basics, we will build on basic doll making skills and go up to that next step! But more than that, I hope to help you get past your own limits or barriers (you know, that little voice in your head that pipes up every now and then and wonders, "what exactly do you think you?re doing?")

In this class I have added a section on facial expressions?.I hope it will be a challenging and fun addition!

You will need basic sewing skills, but beyond that we can set the sky as the limit. I?ve put together a basic supply list... but you can use supplies already in your "stash" or even better..... you can go on a major shopping spree!

And if you have "comfort supplies", you know...beads or fabric that make you feel good, but you don?t know where to use them yet, pull them out....because it?s time for EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK!

Class begins August 22nd, runs until October 10th, sign ups end on Sept 22nd?

Cost of class: US $55.00