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Urbina of Galapagos class

Urbina of Galapagos

with Linda Hollerich

Urbina lived in the ocean waters off the Galapagos Islands. She guarded the marine iguanas from her home beneath the rocks, she watched the Blue Footed Boobies raise their chicks, and once (many, many years ago) she?d fallen madly in love with a tortoise named Hugo. It was her home; a place she never wanted to leave.
?Urbina of Galapagos? is an exercise in PaperClay application. From the top of her mermaid?s crown to the tip of her tail, Urbina has been molded with bits and pieces of PaperClay overlaid onto muslin. She?s a bit of an unconventional mermaid, without the typical abundance of flowing hair, a seahorse tail, fish scale upper body, and a dorsal fin best suited for a marlin. (After all, she IS from the Galapagos!) We?ll be discussing a painting technique that includes color variation with a dual loaded paint brush. But when the shouting is over and the glitter has flown, you will have a recognizable mermaid that warms the heart.

Techniques taught:

  • Lesson 1‐ sculpt a Creative Paperclay head.
  • Lesson 2‐Sculpt PaperClay Hands, Assemble Body and Mermaid Tail, Mount Body onto Prepared Display Base, Create Breasts and Butt from PaperClay Margot.
  • Lesson 3‐ Embellish a Mermaid Tail, Create / Attach Arms, Apply Fish Scales to Upper Body, and Create a Tail Fluke Worthy of Urbina
  • Lesson 4: Paint Urbina, Create Halter Top, Final Adornments, Self-Critique

  • For Intermediate/advanced

    Class starts June 3