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Reif - Guardian of the Deep

Reif- Guardian of the Deep
Designed by Sharon Mitchell
Reif - Guardian of sea creatures, and general RMM - Reef Maintenance Merman!

Reif, works alongside Greenpeace, during clashes on the high seas, protecting the undersea environment, unsnarling large fish caught in line nets, and clearing plastics from turtles! It?s a big job, but some fish has to do it!

Through Greenpeace, he lobbies governments for better undersea conditions for fish, crustation and other microlife under threat from humanity.

Currently organising shoals of fighting fish, using his guard-fish Snapper, to repel, and disrupt underwater blasting in NZ waters, creating general mayhem in their efforts to protect the marine biodiversity!
You?re going to learn so much from this huge pattern.

Designer: Sharon MItchell
File size: 1.4KB
Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: All levels
Sale info: Up to 6 may be made from this pattern. Please give the designer credit on any label. No commercial production permitted.

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