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Designed by Nancy Gawron
Let?s go back in time, when the Greek Gods lived on Mount Olympus. There wasn?t much difference between Man and Animal. In fact, you couldn?t tell if an animal was acting like a man, or the other way around. Pan was a Horned, furry, half-man, half-goat and he was more than just a bit on the short side.
Pan was considered to be the original ?Bad-Boy? by the Olympus dwellers, so his status was reduced to one of ?lesser-god?. He was given the job of watching over flocks, and all small wild things in the forests and mountains.
Pan could usually be found chasing and despoiling young maidens, and drinking to excess. He was said to be the originator of parties, songs and country dances. He was a lusty and able musician who could also be heard playing his set of flutes called Pan-Pipes (a row of small flutes all tied together).
Pattern for making a 12" tall Pan. With special instructions for making a full, opened mouth with teeth and tongue. Pan balances on one foot and plays his pipes.

Designer: Nancy Gawron
File size: 3.7 MB
Document size: A4/US legal - US letter - Universal (8.25?x11?)
Level: Intermediate
Sale info: The number of dolls you can make to keep or give away is unlimited. You can make up to 5 dolls a year from this design to sell, as long as credit is given to Nancy as designer on all tags and publications.

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