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Finella & her Kingfisher class


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Finella and her KingFisher
Designed by Linda Misa

Finella is an approximately 55cm (21")tall wall doll and carries a needle felted Kingfisher in her hands.

She is an adaptable creature and her design allows for plenty of creative textile techniques.

My aim is to teach how you can achieve an individual piece by the use of simple dyeing/colouring fabric, layering, and free machine stitching and then distressing the fabric. We will end up with a coloured texturally inviting piece of fabric which is used for her body. From there will make her fins and flukes.

You will get to use Doe suede for her arms and upper torso. Learning how to stuff and manipulate the fabric to create realistically sculpted fingers and arms. It is a great fabric to work with if you have not yet encountered it!

You will learn how to create a face by hand sculpting paperclay, covering it with cloth and painting/drawing her facial features. This is one of my favourite parts to making a doll as it is when the personality comes alive and I am sure you will enjoy the process! We will then cover how to make her hair and style it and we can explore some ideas of how you might like to dress it up with a wreath or similar.

Finally we will learn how to felt a little bird. I have chosen the Kingfisher. Of course if you have some other bird in mind I can help you with that ? just remember to have some photos of what you want to create for reference. We will be using a combination of wet felting, needle felting as well as showing how you can use the embellisher needle felting machine to create 3 dimensional forms.

Overall, I hope to imbue you with a little of the enthusiasm that I have for creating something unique with your own hands. I hope you will learn to look at your stash with new eyes by using the methods I have used to create Finella.