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Dwrfbred - a play on words design
Designed by Sharon Mitchell
This fierce wee character has girded himself with all the weapons he needs to fight ferocious foodies! Scones strapped to his chest, a shield of flatbread, a breadstick sword, a currant bun in a holster, and a sesame bun Mace to flay his Foes!
The design has 44 pages of systematic instructions on how to make this 16-inch mixed media cloth doll! Dwrfbred is a mixed media cloth doll who really looks the part! You can tell he is really a softie at heart by his chosen weaponry ? mind you, have you ever been clouted by rock hard bun!

This is an interesting character doll to make. Of course, he could double as Santa, or any old character doll with a beard! A few different techniques in this doll

Designer: Sharon MItchell
File size: 2.4KB
Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: All levels
Sale info: Purchase of this pattern entitles you to make as many dolls as you like for your personal use. Please give credit to the designer on all labels.

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