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Birdhouses and Birds
Designed by Tracey Lipman
This workshop is open to all skill levels

Introducing a brand new workshop here at Doll Street!
Learn to make your own fabric birdhouse and birds in this great class with something for everyone. With so many options for variations you won?t know what to tweet about first. There?s even a cuckoo clock! The lessons are designed to build on the skills from the previous class to give you confidence in your own ability and perhaps encourage you to try something new.

In the bird class I will show you options for wing and tail embellishments, using your sewing machine, fabric scraps or steampunk gears. There are eye and beak options and instructions for making feet from polymer clay.

With so many options and variety there is plenty of scope to let your imagination fly.

  • In Lesson One you will make a basic birdhouse. I will show you how to make your own pattern so you can go on to make a birdhouse any size you choose. Learn how to stabilize your structure and how to make a perch strong enough to hold your bird.
  • In Lesson Two I will show you how to create your own steampunk version from faux leather, with some surprisingly modern and easily available embellishments.
  • In Lesson Three I will show you how to create a patchwork birdhouse. With this method it is easier than you think. Start saving your scraps.
  • In Lesson Four I will show you how to use your sewing machine to highlight and texture a printed fabric panel to create your own artistic birdhouse. If you have never quilted before, this is a great kick start.
  • In Lesson Five I will show you how to change the shape of your structure to make a steampunk cuckoo clock. Learn how to add hinged doors and chimes

    Class starts April 26th