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3 Kind Mice

3 Kind Mice Written by Sharon Mitchell Three Kind Mice This fun, needle-sculpted pattern can easily be made by beginners to Advanced dollmakers! Three Kind Mice pattern comes in three different sizes & shapes, three different head shapes and between 6-8inches high, chubby, small and tall. Pattern pieces are interchangeable, so a variety of mice can be made! The features are needle-sculpted, but may also just be painted on! Experiment with different fabrics and different colours! The arms can be jointed instead of sewn. Can be posed! The pattern comes with the clothing they wear, but some other suggestions are: Add eyelashes. Add a circular skirt. A bonnet. different hair, a bow! A Top Hat. Make it steampunk! Make a coachman with a tricorn hat, tailcoat, & vest and a cue with a bow! Make them nasty! Make the legs, or neck longer. - Give the paws fingers. Fangs! Shrink the pattern and make baby mice! A family of mice! Old or young. Whiskers/moustache! Plaits, or flowing hair!Three Mousketeers! Three blind mice. clowns, Domesticated/wild. Town/country! So many different way to make a mouse! Great for a project! Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: Beginner to Advanced

?Sharon Mitchell. It takes many hours of work to produce a design and pattern. Please respect the copyright and do not reproduce dolls from the patterns for any purpose, without giving credit to the designer on the label. You may make up to 15 dolls from the pattern.

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