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Paulina Class

Designed by Barbara Schoenoff
Paulina is a 20? cloth doll inspired by the soft edged, dreamlike, lovely women painted by Renoir. Paulina?s body is darted and intricate giving her the curves and contours of her time. Her 1880?s walking suit and underwear are fully removable allowing for more clothing to come.
An intermediate skill level in sewing would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Most important is bringing a desire to make a doll and explore.
Techniques include pattern piecing, articulating fingers, face sculpting and painting, wire armature, bustle gown making and embellishment. .

The class will flow as follows:
Lesson One

  • Supply list and selection of materials
  • Discussion of sewing terms
  • Basic techniques
  • Making the body

  • Lesson two
  • Armature
  • Legs and Feet
  • Stuffing
  • Attaching limbs

  • Lesson Three
  • Head
  • Sculpting the Face
  • Coloring the Face
  • Attaching the Head to Body

  • Lesson Four
    Underwear; pantalets, camisole, petticoat and stockings
    Lesson Five
  • Skirt
  • Jacket

  • Lesson Six
  • Shoes
  • Spats
  • Hat
  • Finishing
  • There are lots of photos of the construction and easily followed step-by-step instructions ? and of course, a classroom where you can discuss and share your progress.

    So join in and have some fun and let Barbara guide you through this enjoyable journey.

    Class begins now and is ongoing!