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Sew you want to make cloth dolls

So you want to make a cloth doll? Well I thought I would write this book to share with you how to begin, what I have found that works and any little secrets that help make the learning process just a bit easier?this book has two body patterns?One that is very beginner (all though I use it all the time for my dolls) called a pancake by many which means two parts a back and a front usually the head is part of the body however we will make a separate head and one that is a bit more complicated beginner/intermediate?all though I don?t believe the basic body should be to complicated as that takes the fun out of the costuming and of course that is one of my favorite parts?This book will cover the following things and pictures to help you along?The patterns in this book can be enlarged 20% if you want bigger dolls.
  • I. Fabrics for bodies
  • II. Dying your own body fabric
  • III. Stuffing
  • IV. Thread
  • V. Turning tools
  • VI. Stuffing tools
  • VII. Needles
  • VIII. To joint or not to joint
  • IX. Simple needle sculpting
  • X. Hair
  • XII. Basics on the face
  • XIII. Simple dressing of the doll
  • XIX. Making doll body 1 (pancake doll with separate head)
  • XX. Face on your doll
  • XXI. Dressing your doll
  • XXII. Hair on your doll
  • XXIII. Making doll body 2 (with mitt hands/separate fingers)

Designer: Sherry Goshon
File size: 2 MB (55 pgaes)
Document size: 8.5"x11"
Level: Beginner

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