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Snow Queen Crystalline Tutorial

Designer: Designs by Kat Lees
Each year winter awaits the arrival of the most beautiful lady of the frozen winter lands.
Winter does not begin until her majesty arrives at the Crystal Ice Palace in the North Pole.
Come and meet her majesty, the SNOW QUEEN ?CRYSTALLINE? Jack Frost has blown open the doors of the Palace and the Queen is now making her entrance.
The icy cold, blustery winter season and all its festivities can now begin. There will be lots of music, food, games, and gorgeous ladies parading around in their ball gowns and capes as in the Victorian Days of ole.
Her perfect makeup of feathered ice above her eyes twinkles in the cold of the evening.
Her coiffure is of the most up to date style, a short, spiky style of icicles that glisten framing her face. Her crown, the family crest, a "Snowflake? adorns her hair. Notice the delicate lace framing her face with a crystal jewel at the center of her forehead. The Snow Queen Crystalline
?2003 Kat Lees SNOW QUEEN CRYSTALLINE Tutorial
Designer: Kat Lees
A whimsical, fun to make creation with in depth instructions.
Take a ride with Kat and create this wonderful doll.
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Document size: 8.5"x 11"
Sale info: No limits,designer credit to be given on tag

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