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Samurai (accompanies Geisha by Edwina Sutherland)

Samurai costume (accompanies Geisha sold in our shoppe)

The Samurai were the warriors of Japan?s history and held their place at the court of the domain lord. The ceremonial costume was called kamashimo, which included a kimono, a sleeveless jacket with exaggerated shoulders called a kataginu and hakama, the trousers. Samurai visiting court during the Edo period of Japan?s history were required to wear extra long hakama, called naga-hakama (long hakama). The extra length in the leg formed a train, which impeded the ability to walk, thus helping to prevent a surprise attack or assassination attempt. These were tough times! The family crest was displayed on the front and back of the kataginu. A small sword and fan were mandatory parts of the costume. Please note: Directions for constructing the doll are as given in the Dude for All Seasons pattern
Designer: Edwina Sutherland

Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: Intermediate

?2013 It takes many hours of work to produce a design and pattern. Please respect the copyright and do not reproduce my patterns for any purpose, without giving credit to Edwina Sutherland on the label. You may make as many dolls as you like from the pattern for personal use. If you wish to teach a class with my patterns, please contact me for permission, first.

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