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Ribcage Embroidery~Sew Corset

RIBCAGE EMBROIDERY~SEWING CORSET-type doll-Costume piece pattern
Designer: Paula McGee
Beginner-Advanced Level Dollmakers
Another New pattern by Paula McGee. Make this piece in a freeform embroidered stitchery project or use the template to any imaginative project you may think up!
It?s resizable! and I even created a short tutorial video to get your creative fires warmed up.
Everything you need is inside this digital download.
This is a template for tracing and freeform machine embroidering onto lace/organza with a wash away stabilizer... the rib cage template can be used to cut a felt ribcage to embellish and so much more, anything you can imagine!
I love swirls and curlicue?s, so I chose to add some on the sternum and the collarbones. I will also trim the netting from around the outside edges. You may choose to leave your edges intact depending on your ideas, imaginings and wishes?
Beads may be sewn on to accentuate the rib bones & add some exquisite embellishment. I must say I love this piece so much! It brings to mind the Victorian Mourning pieces and their custom of wearing mourning jewelry made of or made with a lock of hair placed inside lockets, etc.... Beads may be sewn on to accentuate the rib bones & add some exquisite embellishment.
Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced Level Dollmakers
An original pattern by Paula McGee

Please give credit to the designer on a tag on the doll on all creations~no mass producing for sale, up to 6 can be made.

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