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Asterique Class

the little star
Duration: 4 lessons

?Even a small star shines in the darkness?
Finnish quote

A few years ago my family moved from Missouri to Texas. It was a big change. The city was different, the streets were different, the stores, the people?. the flowers?. everything was different.

But one night, when I had had more than enough of this new ?different?, I stood outside and looked up. I immediately found Orion?s belt and suddenly found something that was familiar and known; an old friend. The world began to shift into place for me at that moment.

Different suddenly wasn?t so bad.

We live in different times. Definitely different than when we were kids. And during these ?different? times, it?s always nice to find ourselves, looking into the familiar and known. For doll makers, that familiarity is often our ability to create and dream.

When we create, I picture each piece of our work as little stars that over time become the constellations that ground us and help us maintain our bearings.

?asterique is just a little star. In fact, she?s only about 14.5? tall. But she has big hopes and dreams. She knows that one day she will be the heart of a beautiful constellation.?

During the class we will explore simple dying of fabrics, fabric manipulation, bead embellishment, needle sculpting, and a bit of painting.

So start collecting your brightest and shiniest supplies?. we have a night sky to fill!

Class is ongoing