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Moon Raiser class

Moon Raiser

Designed by Patti LaValley
There is a tale in ancient folk lore about a legendary creature whose roots are deeply embedded in the earth. Each night she secretly emerges as a beautiful flowering Goddess to raise the moon to the heavens..(Source unknown)

22? Moon Raiser is a captivating monochromatic mixed media art piece that incorporates cloth, polymer clay and Creative Paperclay. Learn how to create her cloth over clay face from a clay mask created from original sculpt in a push mold! The mask is in a kit available for $7.00.
The moon is Paperclay over foam which you will sculpt yourself as well, and the class also offers creating the doll?s armature, face painting, articulated hands, and some unusual embellishing techniques
Class is ongoing.

Designer: Patti LaValley
Sale info: You may make and sell this doll as long as credit is given to The Designer, Patti LaValley

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