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Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb Class

Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb with teacher Kathryn Walmsley

Class is self paced and ongoing

Get a handle on hands & learn to sculpt the hands you?ve always wanted!

Just the class for sculpted AND cloth dolls. Practice makes perfect and this class is the perfect path to great hands for beginners and more advanced students alike. After years of teaching I?ve developed a system which has helped so many of my students make beautiful and expressive hands and have fun doing it.

You may work in the clay of your choice, I?ll be demonstrating in both polymer and Paperclay?. Information on how these two clays differ in sculpting hands is included in the 4 part class and I?ll be happy to share everything I know about these clays via our class chat as well as answering all of your questions as we go along.

For those who prefer to make cloth dolls consider the possibility of creating expressive and perfectly posed sculpted Paperclay? hands for your special cloth figures. Give it a try, you?ll be amazed! Throw of the shackles of turning tiny fingers and fat palms!

The goal for this class it to make multiple pairs of hands beginning with simple mittens suitable for a large Santa, moving on with smaller gloved hands, sculpting hands that really look like they?re holding something like a basket handle and ending with beautiful hands suitable for smaller 8-12 inch figures. As you work your way through the lessons using the PDF pattern files as guides you?ll get more and more comfortable with the techniques. If you commit to practicing each pair of hands demonstrated 2 or more times you?ll end class with skill and confidence for your future work and a basket of useable hands!

We?ll be covering:

  • Tools, materials, theory of sizing, drying and baking hands to preserve expressive poses.
  • Creating hands in low stress stages.
  • Tricks to refine the hands with clay additions, 2nd baking for polymer clay and carving and sanding for Paperclay? hands.
  • Faux gloves? adding cuffs, buttons, tucks, wrinkles and details to fool the eye.
  • Hands with forearms, bending and rotating the wrist for pose, joining sculpted hands to armatures and cloth arms, sculpting hands right onto a basket handle or other object.
  • Toning polymer clay hands, painting and finishing Paperclay.
  • My goal as a teacher is to help you do the work YOU want to do. With the great advantage of our class chat you can describe your goals and I can add suggestions to customize the class just for you.

    Review the supply list.