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Costume Party Class

Costume Party

with Kathryn Walmsley

Join the fun, exploring one of the best aspects of doll making, Costuming! We will costume dolls starting with concept and finishing with the last little details of embellishment. Come prepared with one or more of your own dolls ready to dress. I?ll be dressing the three 12-13 inch dolls pictured but the class applies to any size doll you want to make.

You?ll also learn how to paint doll parts to coordinate with fabric and fool the eye! There will be tips and tricks throughout

Patterns for the costumes pictured will be included - but not for the dolls themselves.

    Lesson One
  • Supplies
  • Creating Dolls to make costumes easy
  • Keep it simple
  • Dress the party goers
    Lesson Two
  • Working from Illustrations and paintings
  • Shopping theory
  • Designing patterns to fit every body
  • Building clothes on the figure
    Lesson three
  • Designing for a theme or challenge
  • Choosing textiles and trims to support the theme
  • The red herring factor
  • Carrying the theme from costume to final presentation
    Lesson four
  • Creating your dream or commission doll
  • Collecting and managing your textiles and embellishments
  • Which comes first the chicken or the egg
  • Less is more, choosing the right details and embellishment to make your creation soar.

Class is self paced, always available