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Baby Battina - Automata Class

Baby Battina - Automata
Back by Popular Demand!

Take Part in something New and Special
Taught by Kathryn Walmsley

Learn to make a working mixed Media Automata
Turn the crank and Baby Battina Flaps her wings!

What is an automata? Automata (or sometimes ?automatons?) is the plural form of automaton. Contemporary automata are a type of kinetic sculpture. The finished product is a hand-cranked device that employs a mechanism to animate. Sometimes referred to as Mechanical Toys or Kinetic Art, they are marvelous small machines that utilize most of the mechanical processes which can be found in almost every modern machine employing cams, gears, ratchets and cranks.

Baby Battina has a personified head created in your choice of clay or cloth. You?ll be creating Spectacular wings, adding fur or fiber to her body. The support box can be embellished with cloth, paint, stain, trims, lace and findings.

The Baby Battina class will be presented in PDF format with several sections covering making the bat with her wings, assembling and embellishing the support box.

You may have most of the necessary supplies fabric, trims, wire, glues and fiber on your supply list on hand already!

I?ve created a kit of parts for this class so you can concentrate on learning how this mechanism works.

The kit includes all pre cut and drilled wood parts , support box front, back, sides and base as well as crank discs, handles and hardware to assemble everything.

I highly recommend that you purchase the kit for your first project. This will allow you to concentrate on making a spectacular piece of art rather than sawing wood!

Kit cost is $26.00 + Shipping. You can choose your kit from the dropdown menu above. The kit will be shipped to you Priority Mail. If your country is not listed, contact me and I?ll look it up.

You may also purchase more kits later.

Techniques to design your own project or replicate this one are of course part of the class.

Hope you can join us,


Class begins: May 6, 2011 and will run for 4 weeks

Here?s some comments generated from Doll Street members when we talked about this class:

This is an absolutely fabulous class. Kathryn taught it at AFIC last year. I didn?t get to take it but saw what everyone did so I bought the kit. You will hate yourself if you don?t sign up for this class and my advice is: buy the kit, too. It is well worth the price because everything is beautifully cut and you can?t go wrong.

I highly recommend you taking this class! I took it at AFIC last year...Kathryn is a fabulous teacher and you will absolutely LOVE your results! Here is a photo of my version.