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Zinny - Bottle Doll

Zinny ? Altered Art Decorative Glass Bottle Doll
Taught by Christina Miles

Turn a simple glass bottle into a beautiful mixed media doll
Skill level - ALL

In this class I will teach you step by step how to create a beautiful doll from a simple glass bottle. Each lesson has a photo for each step along with extra notes or hints to help you through it. It?s not that it is hard to make this doll, but it can be a little time consuming. This is a 6 week course with 9 lessons which should be plenty of time for you to make your doll. Each lesson has a supply list of items needed. You will learn a variety of techniques including:

  • Decoupage
  • Making a simple polymer face from a push mold
  • Some bead work
  • Soldering
  • I have included 5 videos on the soldering technique. I will also provide extra pictures in the files section. All you really need in this class is creativity and the desire to learn some soldering. Bottles come in many shapes and sizes, I just love em! SO, get your old bottle, a cork to fit it, make sure it has some space on the neck for the torso, and away we go!

    Some specialized equipment will be needed for this class, such as a soldering iron, flux, solder, copper tape, a butane torch, a vise, and a few hand tools. You might have this on hand or if you have a partner/husband - you might be able to ?borrow? from them!

    Class begins: August 27, 2010