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Topsy Turvy Christmas

with Dru Esslinger

You don?t understand -- just stick with me and I?ll clear this one up !

The "Christmas" I?m sure you understand-- if not just watch as a new season unfolds in our stores, overnight!

Your home will soon be "Topsy Turvy" if nothing more than making room for a Christmas Tree or how about your sewing room????

Do you remember the fun dolls that you could talk to one and then just by turning the doll around and flipping her skirt over her head, she became a completely different character -- Goldilocks/Big Bad Wolf, etc.? That is the Topsy Turvy part of the equation.

OK you?ve got that, now for - "12 out of 6." That?s easy, it looks like you have six dolls and then turn them over and flip the skirt over the head and six more characters emerge. Now the trick is to make them small enough to be ornaments and then you have a "Topsy Turvy Christmas!" All the patterns should make an ornament that is under 6" tall and about 3" wide (although you could enlarge it if you like)

Santa/Head Elf
Any season should begin with Santa Claus for he is everywhere you look and then you need the head elf who will be working closely with you throughout these days ahead!

Little girl/Little boy
Christmas is for the children so "a little girl" and "a little boy" are next, big ones count, too...

Lady Caroler/Man Caroler
To get us into the Christmas spirit you will hear Carolers singing our favorite Christmas Carols.

Drummer Boy/ Toy Soldier
No Christmas season is complete without the sound of "The Little Drummer Boy" and of course the Little Toy Soldier marching to the Drummer Boy.

A part of the Christmas story tells of the Kings bringing gifts from afar. Here?s one and then another -- the other king has yet to come or you could put the third face on the back of the second king-- depends how ambitious you are!

Our sixth and last ornament this year has to be two angels which represent the part the angels play in the Christmas Story and in our lives throughout the year. Can you make yours sing?

Now that you are started you may think of others you want on your tree to share with your special children or adults.

Class starts Friday, Nov 20th

The Children

The Carolers

The little drummer boy/soldier:

The angels:

The Kings: