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Sculpting a Doll in Air Dry Clay Class

CLASS for FINISHING the doll including costuming, painting and all will be offered soon! JOIN NOW, PLAY LATER! Kits available from Marlaine via mail.
Marlaine Verhelst presents her online sculpting class. The technique is sculpting in airdrying clay and there will be a lot to learn and enjoy even if you work in another medium.

The subject is sculpting fantasy dolls based on human anatomy.

THERE ARE 2 KEYWORDS TO THIS CLASS: SIMPLE & SUBTLE!. In simple steps Marlaine explains the sculpting process for all levels. Even if you never have sculpted before this will work for you. Subtle means that we are going to do fine sculpting. No bold noses and thick fingers but fine subtle detailing and a lot of tips and tricks. There are four lessons: bases, face, hands, and feet and shoes.

You can purchase your own items as shown or KITS ARE AVAILABLE VIA MAIL FROM MARLAINE!
Optional~a kit is available for this class.

The kit contents: One kilogram package of Darwi clay
One sculpting tool
One sculpting brush
One clay knife
2 European Styrofoam eggs, size 6 cm / 2.36 inch
2 European Styrofoam eggs, size 7 cm / 2.75 inch
2 European Styrofoam eggs, size 8,5 cm / 3.35 inch
One package of postcards for inspiration
The price of the kit including shipment is: - $ 69 (without tracking #)
- $ 79 (with tracking #)
Shipping time used to be 5 - 7 working days but is longer now due to additional security measures.
The same kit including 4 packages of Darwi clay is $115.
Sign up now! PAY NOW, PLAY LATER! Once you pay for the Class, contact Marlaine Verhelst at: for the kit. Class IS ONGOING. You can start at your convenience, ask questions when needed. Upload your files when you want.