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Nanette?s Snobbie

?SNOBBIES NEW STYLE? by the Netherlands doll artist, Nannette Schenk?2008 ?

Learn to sculpt!? If you have ever wanted to take a sculpting class - let this be the one you take!? Tons of photos will show you every detail in making the snobbie pictured to the left.? The snobbies are approximately 10.5" - 12". A great size to learn to sculpt from!

A complete course of making a Snobbie bust designed by Nannette Schenk.

Some of you may remember my Snobbie busts, the whimsical creatures that still can be seen on my website .

During the course of making the Snobbie busts? I was asked if I gave online lessons. To make the course complete I made over 140 photos, each accompanied by text, in a step by step manner. Just to inspire you I made three other Snobbie busts which you can use if you want to (but it is for private use only!). If you have questions about the course I will help you out. I can correct your sculpts by drawing on your photograph with my paint program. I am looking forward to this creative journey with you.


There are 4 lessons in the course which consists of:

Making a stand for the dolls head.
A mould for copying the bust and how to build it.
Creating the paperclay head and putting this onto the bust.
The making of a headdress.
Painting the bust with mixed paint to create a matte complexion.

Note: You will need to build a pedestal on which to work while creating the head.? Instructions will be provided - this is what the pedestal will look like.

Class starts: May 15th and will run for six weeks.?

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