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Enkai Nou class


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The name Enkai Nou is from two Japanese words. Enkai means ?deep sea or ocean? and Nou means ?talent, gift or memory?.

Enkai Nou is a 27? wall hanging doll. She is perfect for beginning to advanced doll makers.

During this 5-week class we will learn and put into practice a little color theory, dying cloth, basic construction of the mermaid, including needle sculpting and embellishment.

I will take you through step-by-step, how to ?skin? a needle sculpted head and then hand color it using colored pencils.

During the 5th week I will add a little something extra?.just for fun!
I know it?s early for swimming suits, but grab those snorkels and fins and let?s dive in
It?ll be great fun!

Class is ongoing. ?