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Bea in her Bonnet

Bea in her Bonnet

with Colleen Babcock

Ever wonder why honey is so sweet? Well, the bees might be busy but it is really the fairies who add that extra bit of sweetness to the honey. Bea is one of those little fairies. While she was sitting on the edge of a honey jar and dipping in to conduct a taste test (quality control is very important, you know), she slipped in backwards. And we?ve caught her just at the moment that she has found herself in a very sticky situation!

Bea is entirely made of cloth and measures 14? long from her bonnet to her pointed fairy toes when she is posed in her jar. With the help of over 130 photographs illustrating the making of your own honey fairy, you will learn how to make every detail of Bea in her Bonnet. Special emphasis is paid to drawing, sculpting, and colouring the face. Plus, learn some fun techniques using a heat gun to make a Tyvetex or Fibretex hat and felt wings. Not much good at woodworking? No problem. We?ll teach you a simple, quick and easy way to make a wooden honey dipper with no tools at all! It?s like magic ? fairy style!

Lesson 1:
Sewing and stuffing the head
Drawing and sculpting the head
Sewing and stuffing the torso

Lesson 2:
Sewing and stuffing the arms and legs
(including turning & wiring the hands and opposable thumbs)
Assembling the body
Dyeing the body using inks

Lesson 3:
Colouring the face
Making the clothes

Lesson 4:
Creating simple jewellery
Making a wig of Tibetan lamb hair
Making a hat using Tyvetex or Fibretex and a heat gun
Making honeycomb wings using synthetic felt and a heat gun
Creating an easy wooden honey dipper
Decorating the honey jar

Class starts August 14th and will run for 6 weeks

Review the supply list.