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“If you make dolls, collect dolls or just love dolls – you need to be part of our neighborhood.” Denise Dodd Floyds Knobs, IN

DOLL STREET is an online doll club and welcomes all kinds of art doll makers from everywhere in the world. Get this Free pattern by Judith Prior when you join.

The Club has swaps, discussions and challenges, but best of all we offer friendship through our on-line daily chat. Members also get discounts on some classes.

Read all the Club Rules and Policies
Read the history of Doll Street

Members get:

  • Photo galleries featuring our members’ work
  • A library of articles to enjoy
  • The opportunity to display your dolls at some of the best doll conferences and shows
  • Daily chat – conversations about doll making
  • Swaps and challenges
  • Discounts on classes

“Joining Doll Street means being a part of an exciting “neighborhood.” I don’t know of any other online group where members’ works are featured as they are on Doll Street. People who join Doll Street have heaps of fun, too. The classes are all top quality; we share tips on doll making and where we get our “stuff.” We’re not afraid to share our dreams, hopes, and fears. I love Doll Street! “

Patti Medaris Culea PMC Designs San Diego, CA

Why should you join?

  • To interact with other doll makers, from beginners to world-famous professionals.
  • To get help when you are stuck on a project.
  • To be inspired to try new things and learn about new products.
  • To be with like-minded individuals – ones that will understand YOU!
  • To join in swaps and challenges

If you make dolls, collect dolls, or just love dolls – you need to be part of our neighborhood.


“I joined Doll Street because I live in a very rural area and I can find like minded sisters of cloth here. When I am down, dreamers lift me up. I can celebrate the success of others, small or large. I can toot my own horn. I can praise, be amazed, and not be afraid….to dream.”

~ Patti LaValley, Oregon

“If you live in isolated country where nobody else makes dolls and you have no access to any information in your native language and any chance to become successful in this, it is a must to be a member of Doll Street.”
~ Tanya Martinovic, Belgrade, Serbia


FREE pattern when you sign up - get online class and new pattern news.