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Doll Street Clubhouse Rules & Policies

Want to join our club? Here’s what you need to know!

We use a Ning group to host our Clubhouse. Each member has their own page to post photos on and everyone contributes to the Forum.  It can be a bit confusing until you realize you are coming into a conversation that has already started! You’ll soon catch onto what members are currently discussing. You can join in by adding a post to the Forum or replying to a current post.  Ask any questions about dolls, events, classes, anything doll related!

When posting to the Forum:

  • Please put a “subject” in your posting.
  • Please keep your posts relevant to dolls and related topics. Personal posts are not forbidden, but discretion is requested at all times and often personal messages are best addressed to the individual, not to the list.
  • Please do not offer things for sale.  Commercial advertising is not allowed.  If you want to advertise items from your stash for sale please write to the list owner for permission first.
  • Please post often, especially with ideas and how we can all become better doll makers.
  • Please help us keep this an un-moderated list by always being polite and never flaming or bashing others.
  • Please honor the Free Speech rights of all members within the bounds of common sense and decency.
  • Please respect the copyrights of everyone, members and non-members.
  • Please remember there is no such thing as a “stupid” question about doll making.
  • Please share hints, tips, and ideas about dolls and doll making.
  • Please respect all types of dolls and doll makers.
  • Please tell us about shows, seminars and other such events in which we might take part. We are also hungry for news of your local doll clubs
  • Please have fun and avoid trying to ruin things for others. Learn to laugh “at” yourself and “with” others.
  • Please no flaming. Flaming is strictly forbidden on Doll Street as it does not become a Dreamer to flame another. If you engage in flaming a Dreamer on the list, you may be asked to resign your membership from Doll Street.
  • Please visit the Doll Street clubhouse often as it is the heart of our club and full of information for members and non-members alike.

The Mayor of Doll Street by Nancy Gawron

Our Club Policies

While anyone may visit the site and use anything they wish here, only members may post messages to the Forum. It is the policy of The Street to honor the First Amendment Free Speech rights of all individuals within the bounds of law and the rules of this club. No messages will be pre-read or pre-censored. The Street respects and trusts its members and asks that people respect these rights without flaming. DOLL STREET prides itself in its members’ diversity and welcomes members of all countries, races, ethnicities, religions, creeds, ages, genders, handicaps, other immutable characteristics or personal choices. The Street never assumes that its members have any of these elements in common, acknowledges all of them, and asks that no member try to convert others to their religion or political viewpoint.

DOLL STREET does not officially recognize, sponsor or celebrate any holidays. This policy stems from our respect for this diversity. DOLL STREET CELEBRATES DOLLS AND THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM and wants all its members to be treated equally. That being said, those who wish to celebrate any holidays are welcome to organize such projects privately and may use the Doll Street web site and all its forums, including the Journal posts to do so. If you have any ideas for such projects, please go to the Doll Street Post Office where you will find a list of many suggested doll projects. This policy does not prevent the owners of the club from joining into any projects in their private capacity.

DOLL STREET encourages but does not officially sponsor any club projects such a traveling dolls, doll exchanges and the like. If you have ideas of your own, or adopt any of the suggestions posted on this web site, we do hope you will use the Doll Street media to organize and implement them. Please plan carefully as neither Doll Street nor its owner or sponsors are involved in them in their official capacity nor do they take any responsibility for their effectiveness or for any lost or stolen property resulting from such projects.

Be assured that on DOLL STREET you will never be overworked. You will not be put on any committees unless you volunteer. Doll Street offers you fun, not work, and does not wish to take you away from your first love: – making dolls and learning about them.