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Club History

In the words of Carole Larson:

"Vivienne Stewart of New Zealand and I hatched the idea of creating a doll club in early 1997 and we jumped in with all four feet.  In the beginning, Viv supplied pictures of stores and made most of the dolls to own the shops. I worked on the web and supplied touches of my own. After several weeks and some long phone calls, Doll Street came to life in July of 1997.

It was Viv who had the Big Dream and we followed it.  It was the dream of giving doll makers a place to feel comfortable, to share ideas and to play dolls. Our supreme shared goal was to give doll makers an opportunity to become the best doll makers they could possibly become.

It was important for us to give doll makers a place to show their dolls. That was especially important then because there was no picture trail or other easy place to display or share their work.

Viv left the Street “to move on and travel” after about four years and the club remained with me. I made a few enemies but many many more friends and they are friends I hope never to lose.

I have many interests and in 2007, after ten wonderful years, I decided to move on and spend more time doing all of them."

Doll Street Dreamers passed along to Judi Wellnitz and was owned and operated by Edwina Sutherland.

Since August 2017 Gloria Nickolis is now the owner & operator of Come join with Membership and have fun joining Doll Swaps, Challenges, and Conversations.