She’s a Traveling Doll!


Angela Jarecki is bringing us another of her beautiful dolls – this time with a companion! Anya is a cloth doll, with a hand painted face. The class starts April 4, 2014. We’d love you to join us!

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  • Hello Edwina,

    Hope you are doing better than well today! I am writing to inquire about the new doll by Angela Jarecki: I would most definitely enjoy taking this online class “The Traveller”! I see the start date is approaching and wonder how I can take this class if I cannot access my printers. I absolutely cannot sit at the computer and read the instructions to sew at the same time. Have you a suggestion on what I can do?
    Actually, I have two printers and am not able to use them. Both are fairly new, it’s just my computing info is limited and I am not sure how to get the printer that is hooked to my stand alone to printer on my laptop. The laptop is hooked to my newest, a wireless printer that I haven’t figured out yet. Help? Bunnie Pickett

    • Edwina says:

      Hi Bunnie,

      This class is being presented as a slide show with commentary by Angela. So she can talk you through it! You will need to print out the patterns though. You could do this through a store like Staples, who will accept a print job by email.

      Just a suggestion.

  • Devona Pinkous says:

    is The Traveller still available to join or am I too late?

  • Fern says:

    Is this class still available to purchase? I don’t mind if there isnt any interaction with other members or Angela, just desperately want to make this doll. Please? Have taken all of her classes in the past.

  • Gail Mroczko says:

    Would very much like to take this class or similar class when available. Can you please let me know when Angela schedules another class. Thankyou. Gail

  • patricia dickinson says:

    I would like to know if I can purchase the pattern for Angela Jarecki’s doll ‘She’s a Travelling Doll” and from where???

    Thanks Pat Dickinson,

  • sally hobbs says:

    I would like to be sure to get information about any new classes that
    Algela jarecki has coming up. I made :Abundance” and really enjoyed creating her. Hugs Sally

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