Pattern of the Week

Meet Jeanne, the inn keeper’s wife! Designed by Sharon Mitchell, Jeanne was inspired by the show “Les Miserables.”


You will learn so much about creating faces with this pattern, both coloring and shaping them. All patterns are instant download, so no waiting for the mail! Click the image to order Jeanne!

3 Responses to Pattern of the Week

  • MamaSani says:

    Edwina: I love this doll. She is just wonderful. I would like to make her, but can’t seem to figure out how to order a pattern. Can you help me? I am new to this site and a little bit lost.

  • Karen says:

    I love her too! MamaSani, here are the directions to ordering this doll. I will buy her soon too! :)

    1. click on the “pattern shop” tab.
    2. Select the drop down menu that says “store dept” and click on Edwina
    3. click on “view all”
    4. scroll down till you find the pattern, and click on “order”

    this should take you to the next area for purchasing. You might want to consider becoming a member. It would be a little easier. :)

    Aloha, Karen

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